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Posted by Socalaunt, January 12, 2014 on

9 Overall Rating: I love this cleaning system. The Beam vacuum is great. I can get to all the hard to reach places I need to without a hassle. The long extensions make it easy to keep the ceiling free of webs, easily can reach the corners of the room as well as getting behind and under things such as the sofa. It has attachments for the furniture also which makes clean up easy. I never know how the sofa gets so many crumbs down in it but this vacuum makes it easy to get them out. It is not very heavy.

10 Maneuverability: This vacuum is very easy to move around. It is not heavy either. I can move it up and down the stairs with little effort.

9 Ease of Maintenance: Easy to maintain. Just empty the bag after each use so you get the best suction.

9 Suction Performance: I have rarely run across anything this vacuum won't pick up. I have happy with the suction performance.

10 Versatility: Great versatility, stairs, walls, sofa, hardwood floors, carpet, it does it all

9 Design: Design make it easy to carry around. Not too big or heavy.

10 Durability: Seems to be durable. Time will tell.


Posted by Tosioszilla, December 28, 2013 on

8 Overall Rating: This vacuum was a very good value for how much I have used it. Have barely had any issues with it as long as I've taken care of it properly. It is also pretty versatile as I have used it on many different surfaces and rooms over the years. It's certainly not the best out there but you could do much worse


Posted by Joey G., December 17, 2013 on

Dear Beam, I am a huge fan of your vacuums I have the 2007 beam system at home but I am a bigger fan of your new system Alliance! I love everything about it. I just love the Idea everything is new!


Posted by sunbird22, November 19, 2013 on

10 Overall Rating: I do not understand why central vacuums are not more popular. After owning a central vacuum system I will never, ever go back to a regular vacuum again. No more buying expensive vacuum bags, not more disposing or messy vacuum bags, no more dragging a heavy vacuum around the house or up the stairs.

10 Maneuverability: The vacuum hose is light and easy to move from wall plug in to plug in.

10 Ease of Maintenance: Maintenance is a super easy. Two times a year I empty the vacuum canister into the garbage can. There really is no maintenance. It is so simple.

10 Suction Performance: Suction has never been a problem

10 Versatility: Vacuum wall outlets can be installed at homeowners choice. The vacuum has numerous attachments depending on the homeowners needs. There are attachments for individuals who only have hardwood flooring, individuals with pets, individuals with carpet or rugs, etc. The vacuum can be customized to meet any homeowners needs.

10 Design: Beautifully designed. We chose to store the vacuum canister in the garage. The canister is attractive and not an eye sore. The vacuum hose is a dark gray and attractive.

10 Durability: Extremely durable. The hose is a non-kink hose, so the hose will not kink or bend. The hose is extremely flexible. The canister is extremely sturdy and well build.


Posted by Wendy E. Gerhardt, October 25, 2013 on

Beam 012266 BeamQ Power Team Central Vacuum (Kitchen)

3 times as powerful as our old Beam Rugmaster central vac power head. (Granted it was 12+yrs old!) Still this one seems to be way more powerful than the old was ever was. It was well worth spending a few more bucks and stepping up to the high end power head.


Posted by Jerry Stacy, September 26, 2013 on

Beam Rugmaster Plus Central Vacuum Tool Set 30' Hose (Kitchen)

This vacuum works better than any portable unit you can buy - Beam central vacuums is the only way to go!!


Posted by Donna G., May 29, 2013 on

Beam Rugmaster Plus Central Vacuum Tool Set 30' Hose (Kitchen)

My old powerhead and hose caught on fire (Offbrand one, not a beam). This is one is like my original one that lasted 7 years. It works wonderfully, I had a question for the seller and they responded within 24 hours and the item arrived just in time.

Original Beam powerhead lasted - 7 years
Off-brand replacement lasted - 11 months
This new Beam powerhead - so far, so good...


Posted by Senuf Areti, May 17, 2013 on

Beam 012266 BeamQ Power Team Central Vacuum (Kitchen)

We replaced our old Beam central vacuum system with this one. My fiance loves the product line, and wouldn't consider anything else. So we passed by the Solaire, only because I wanted to be able to adjust the cleaning height, and the Solair is "automatic." Now I have the Electrolux/Beam Q. These comments are about the "Q" line, not the Solaire.

  • Great power, there's no question the beaters dig in and get everything out of the carpet.
  • Love the telescoping wand. I'm 5' 10" and it's a relief to not be so bent over all the time (our house has 3000 sq ft of carpet - don't ask).
  • I'm also a fan of the dual edge cleaning.
  • The entire unit is solidly built, smooth, quiet, and I have no doubt I'll be "stuck" with it for many, many years :)


Posted by rienz, December 24, 2012 on

10 Overall Rating: I have been using this product since several months ago, it has been helping me to clean up my home very good. The quality of this product is very good because there is no dust left in my carpet when I used it. Even pet hair can be cleaned without any rest. The maintenance of this product is very easy and it doesn't take so much time. I really recommend for everybody to buy this product.


Posted by mimi1411, December 20, 2012 on

10 Overall Rating: Overall, I love my central vac. The biggest complaint I have with it is the hose. I did have to replace it due to cracking. I also purchased a hose "cover" to prevent it cracking again, but the hose cover has a rather cheap zipper on it which broke rather quickly and I had to fix it which was not easy.

8 Maneuverability: Always a little hard to maneuver around corners, etc. and be careful: it will leave marks on your wall if you tend to "drag" it. Always lift it.

10 Ease of Maintenance: The waste container is very large and does not need frequent emptying.

10 Suction Performance: No complaints about the suction. Does its job well.

8 Versatility: Several attachments you can purchase for any job.

8 Design: Nice vacuum design except for the hose cover which I mentioned above.

8 Durability: I have had my vacuum for a long time and it still works perfectly well.


Posted by Earthie, February 5, 2012 on

I have a Beam Central Vac, and I would never want anything else. We have 4000 sq ft, mostly hardwood with a couple oriental area rugs. The beater bar head for doing rugs does a great job. I pull the hose out in the back yard to clean up my cars too. My recommendation would be to get one hose per floor of your house, and absolutely get the crumb vent for the kitchen. You can now get hoses that are self-storing. Thumbs up on that one too. My canister is located in the basement, and I only have to empty it about twice a year.


Posted by lerose, November 10, 2011 on

10 Overall Rating: No listening to all the noise, because it is in the garage. A 30' hose has 5 hook up wall connections that reach through the whole house. So powerful, carpet looks like Stanley Steamer just left every time you sweep.


Posted by BrendaCG, June 9, 2011 on

8 Overall Rating: This is my second home with central vac. We had them installed in both houses as they were being built. The power is amazing and the collector of the central vac is in the garage. This keeps the noise of the Beam Central Vac out of the house. Emptying the cansister of the Beam Central Vac is very easy and done in the garage. The on/off switch is located on the handle to the vac. Also, the controls for bare floors or carpet are located on the handle. Four extra attachments come with the vac.


Posted by Shoot1stAskLater, April 7, 2011 on

10 Overall Rating: Before moving into our new home we had never had a central vacuuming system. We always figured it would be too expensive to retrofit an older home with it. It also seemed like an expensive luxury we could do without. However, when we were in the market for a new home we settled on one that included it as a sale incentive. Well, how could we go wrong there?

I must say that after having lived with it for several years now I don't think I could go back to normal push vacuums anymore. That's not to say there's no equipment to lug around but it's so much easier to carry (especially up the stairs) around the hose and cleaning head rather than a full vacuum cleaner. And the system is very powerful. It will suck up anything that can fit through the hose. We have both carpet and hardwood and it does a great job with both. The best part is emptying the container in the garage. I have a trash can parked underneath it so emptying it is easy and clean.


Posted by glovers5, February 17, 2011 on

10 Overall Rating: I have had a central vacuum system in my homes for 7 years now. I don't know how I would live without it. It is so easy to plug in and clean up after the kids, who drop crumbs after every meal. It is great for hardwood floors because it does not scratch them. It is quicker and easier than using the traditional broom and dust pan. Also, it can suck up larger objects than other traditional plug in the outlet vacuums. Its suction is also more powerful and gets my floor extremely clean. The system is heavy to carry up and down the stairs. If possible it would be a great idea to have one hose for upstairs and one for downstairs. I use the 35ft hose and I only have to have two plug-ins to cover my entire downstairs and two plug-ins to cover my entire upstairs. The outlets are very inconspicuous as well. You will want to get a hose sock to put on your hose so that it doesn't make marks on your wall or scratch your floors. While the system is expensive, it is worth every penny.


Posted by CouponSusi, January 21, 2011 on

10 Overall Rating: We built this house 5 years ago and put in the Beam Central Vacuum and love it. I put my hose in a square basket w/lid in our bed room and it is easy access. We also have the car vac in the garage with the canister. I can't say enough good things about the Beam Central Vac. I don't have to lug a heavy vacuum around the house and kill my back. I don't have to smell and see dust flying out of a bag back in to my home that I just vacuumed. Plus I don't have to empty a bag every other day just so I can get enough power to vacuum up a piece of string. All I have to do is get my 30 foot hose out of my basket plug into the wall and vacuum with any attachment I choose and when I get done it goes back into my basket so easy and nice. I have only had to empty my canister which is in the garage where all the dust should go (not in my house) once a month and I have two small dogs. Plus if I want to vacuum my car I can use another smaller hose I have in the garage to do just that (no extension cords to get out with a shop vac). If we ever move I would have to have another BEAM!


Posted by happymomonthego, March 9, 2010 on

10 Overall Rating: I bought my system about a year and a half ago I have a 4,000 three story home with a basement. I have tried all kinds of vacuums. I own a Kirby hate it works well just heavy and hard to go from furniture to floor so I decided, hey get a central vac. I bought the machine for 780.00 the attachments were another 500.00 plus 1800.00 to install it. Yes I know kind of pricey but Kirby’s and Rainbow are about 2000.00. The machine is in the basement which eliminates noise also it's vented outside, kind of like a clothes dryer that sends all the fine particles out your home. Perfect for allergies and asthma. I have not had any problems. The suction is ten times of any portable vacuum. The only bad thing is the 30ft hose is a pain when you have a quick spill that you need up right away so to fix that I purchased an Oreck for quick clean ups but I would never trade in my Beam, and guess what, it will increase your home value as well by about 3000.00 or so......


Posted by maffiez, February 4, 2010 on

10 Overall Rating: My husband got me this system because of my allergies and it's been amazing. Ours is 8 years old now and we've never had a bit of trouble with it.

The Kirby man thought he was going to get a bunch of dirt out of my carpet, haha he got a shocker! ;o) He was so interested in my vacuum he forgot about all about the Kirby.

If you've got allergies this is the system for you!