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BEAM Alliance Review    
by Bella Savvy

BEAM Electrolux Alliance Central Vacuum System review
Published November 23, 2013 by Dee Mauser on


Let me start off by saying this is one of the most exciting products I have EVER reviewed.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “but it’s JUST a vacuum”. NO, it’s not just any old vacuum. It’s a whole house central vacuum system and if you’ve never owned one, you should! After learning more about this one, I guarantee you’re going to want to one too.

During the building process of our current home, hubby and I decided we were going to install a central vacuum system because, let me be honest, those basic upright vacuums just plain SUCK (in the sense that they don’t work)! We never had good luck with them and were lucky if they lasted more than 6 months.

Considering those can be costly, they should last a whole lot longer than they do. They’re not worth the box they’re packaged in!

Oh yeah, they’re also pretty darned heavy to lug around. I don’t know about you but with hubby and I both having previous back injuries, we’re not in the condition to drag a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs. That’s one reason we decided to go with a central vacuum system.

The main unit is installed in the basement (or garage/utility room if you don’t have one) and all you push or carry is the hose/wand & attached cleaning tools — those are EXTREMELY lightweight!

With my OCD for cleaning, I’m not about to forgo vacuuming so during the building process we ran PVC piping throughout and then once we got moved in we finished the project by installing outlets in a few locations on all 3 levels of our home, making it more convenient to vacuum.

Now before I get into more specific details I should probably explain what a central vacuum system is— assuming you don’t currently own one. You have a few different important parts to a central vacuum — the main unit itself, PVC pipes that are ran through your walls— one end of the piping is connected to the main unit and then they branch off and end at each outlet or port which is a hole in your wall where you plug the hose in.


1.) Port in wall 2.) Plug hose end into port
3.) Plugged in 4.) Attached electric plug

In order to get the system to run you need electricity. Lucky for me, my hubby was a licensed electrician so he took care of all that. Now at each port you have a cover that includes a “lid”. If you have young children in your home, you’ll be glad those are covered. hehee!

Ports can be ran in each room in your home, even your garage but in our case (in order to save money) we installed two on the main floor, one upstairs and one downstairs. We have an open floor plan so that worked out great (not many walls to maneuver around when vacuuming). We do plan to run a port to the garage so we can vacuum our vehicles more easily. That’s on our to-do list!

BellaSavvy Beam Alliance Review2

Hose, wand and powerbrush assembly

BellaSavvy Beam Alliance Review3

1.) Push button handle controls 2.) Handle release/height adjust/check brush roll indicators & levers
3.) Alliance headlights 4.) Push & slide to adjust wand length

Aside from those components, you have a hose & wand combination that includes a powerbrush which is used to vacuum carpeting, a combo floor tool (used for hard floors), and additional onboard tools for upholstery and stairs.

Now let me introduce you to the new Alliance Central Vacuum System from BEAM, which is Electrolux. Did you know that? These guys are the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of central vacuum systems. They ship products to more than 50 countries throughout the world and let me tell you, their vacuum systems are AWESOME!


Air Power: 700 airwatts
Waterlift: 146 in
Airflow: 107 CFM
Voltage: 120 V
Motor: HE Flow-Thru
Size: 43in tall, 15in diameter
Sound Level: 68 dB*
Dirt Capacity: 4 gal

• Advanced Smart Screen (C)
• HEPA Exhaust Filter
• Powered Quick Clean valve
• Press & Release bucket
• Self-Cleaning GoreTM Filter
• System On Indicator
• LED Backlit & Ring
• Motion Sensor
• Empty Bucket Icon
• Performance Bars
• Hose Link Icon
• Motor Fault Icon
• Clock
• Error Code

BellaSavvy Beam Alliance Review4

All installed & ready to use!
The Serenity QS is in the background.

Three years ago I was first introduced to BEAM (through another review opportunity) and although I love my BEAM Serenity QS system, I’m even more in love with the Alliance— it’s a top-of-the-line intelligent system that offers two-way communication that tells you at the hose how the system is performing (status of power/motor fault), suction/hose connection, AND when to empty the bucket.

Plus, it’s extremely quiet and even more powerful (with up to 700 air watts) than my Serenity QS. I didn’t even think that could be possible. The Alliance has truly knocked my socks off. It’s THAT amazing!

This bad boy has a really pretty blue smart LCD screen on the main unit that displays key system performance details and guess what, it has a clock. This feature also communicates with the interface on the hose so you know what’s going on without having to go downstairs to check it out. Why waste a trip when you could be doing other things?

The Alliance also has a HEPA filter so there’s no need to vent the unit outdoors (like we did with the Serenity). This feature is a true lifesaver for my son Derek and I because it removes impurities in the air before it’s recirculated. Ahh, we can breathe easier now!

BellaSavvy Beam Alliance Review5

1.) Back view of Alliance 2.) HEPA filter
3.) Inside the HEPA filter

Speaking of filters, there’s a self cleaning filter inside the main unit. With GORE-TEX technology filters like this one, 98% of particles are filtered at 0.3 microns. This function helps protect the HE motor to prolong it’s life, and gives it superior suction performance. Now this vacuum sucks… but in a good way. hehee!

Some additional features we love about the Alliance system; the Quick Clean Valve. While doing other DIY projects, messes occur, especially if they involve wood and saws. The Quick Clean Valve makes clean up a breeze since the unit is right there. It’s also useful if say, hubby accidentally spills the debris from the bucket while dumping it when it’s full. Yes, he’s done that. hahaa!

BellaSavvy Beam Alliance Review6

1.) Blue LCD screen 2.) LCD screen in action
3.) Quick clean valve 4.) Press & Release bucket
My old Serenity QS is in the background!

To use the Quick Clean Valve, simply press it like a button and it flips open. Since it’s already powered there’s no on/off switch— just plug in your hose and go!

Because I suffer from allergies, hubby gets the job of dumping the bucket. He really loves the Press & Release bucket on the Alliance because there are no annoying brackets to undo to remove it. You just press down around the ring and pull and it comes loose. It’s also easier to reattach and can be done with just one hand.

Although my Serenity QS was fairly quiet, it still made noise and that’s why I love the Alliance SO much better. It’s much, much quieter thanks to the exclusive double-D nozzle and fully sealed AeroPro hose & wand. We can now carry on a conversation without repeating ourselves and if anyone is on the phone while we’re using the Alliance, they’re not bothered at all. This baby is quieter than any other vacuum I’ve owned!

The push button controls are an improvement as well. My old system had only an on/off switch. The Alliance handle is much more thorough in that it allows you to adjust the amount of suction with the touch of a button. This is perfect for cleaning drapes, blinds and throw rugs. I don’t know how many times I had to get a good grip on those and tug to prevent my old system from sucking them up. hahaa!

BellaSavvy Beam Alliance Review7

1.) Bare floor brush 2.) Onboard attachment
3.) 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool 4.) Upholstery brush

What I love most about BEAM central vacuums (not that I don’t love everything because I do), is that they literally take off without you. It’s like using a self propelled lawnmower. It goes and you just direct it. They’re THAT easy to use!

Something new for me is the 3-in-1 cleaning tool. It makes cleaning upholstery, drapes, hard furniture, even along baseboards easy because it converts from a brush to a crevice tool with a simple flip. No longer do I have to stop and change attachments because this one has it all. And the new 13″ bare floor brush comes with a D-neck adapter for round-neck tools. I can use my old attachments with this one. That’s pretty cool!

The telescopic wand and 30-foot rigid crush-proof hose makes those hard to reach places such as stairs, effortless. I can reach pretty far without straining my back. I LOVE that!

When you’re done vacuuming and dusting for the day, the included Alliance hose hanger makes storage super simple. We store our wand & powerbrush in the coat closet and the hose in the laundry room until next time.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

~ Thank you to BEAM for providing samples at no charge. No monetary compensation was received or offered. My opinions are strictly my own! ~


Pamela R says:

I was a nanny and they had one I loved it!

krista grandstaff says:

I had a central vac in my last home, and I really do miss it… I was tired of lugging my vacuum up and down the stairs at this house and actually went out and bought a cheap vacuum for each floor and the basement.. it is NOT the same!

Alaina Bullock says:

I remember my neighbor next door to us growing up had a central vacuum system in her house, and her mom loved it…as an adult I see why. This BEAM Electrolux sounds simply amazing! I wish we had this in our home, not only because it is much easier and convenient, but because it works so much better than a regular plug in vacuum.

Dee @ Bella Savvy says:

It definitely does. I got tired of spending money on other vacuums, only to have them blow up in a short amount of time. It was a waste! Now if I could only get a steam cleaner that does as well and lasts as long, I will be a happy camper.

lisa says:

That’s so cool. I’ve never seen a vacuum like it before.

Anita L says:

Wow! What an awesome review of a vacuum system I want badly! This would be so very convenient instead of dragging that thing I call a sweeper around with me!

Theresa Wilson says:

Would love to own this baby!

Alexia says:

This vacuum sounds amazing! I love all the features such as the Advanced Smart Screen, HEPA Exhaust Filter, Quick Clean valve, Motion Sensor and the Empty Bucket Icon. However, my FAVORITE feature is the Motor Fault Icon because I always have trouble figuring out what’s wrong with a vacuum and this would be so helpful!

Sandra VanHoey says:

I LOVE that it’s lightweight and you don’t have to lug around a heavy vacuum but also the press and release bucket. I hate emptying others where the dirt goes everywhere when you try and empty it.

Heather McCormick says:

Loving that it a whole house vacuum!!

Denise Smith says:

This would be so nice for our home i have 5 dogs and 2 cats and i am always sweeping everyday

Candy Kratzer Wenzel says:

I want one sooo bad. With 7 cats my vacuuming is a nightmare. Even though I live in an apartment. We do have a utility room and where it is placed in my apartment the pipe running would be easily installed for the hose connections to the walls. My landlord is awesome and would let me install this and I am not planning on moving for a long time. So I would get the full benefit of this system.

David Smith says:

I really like that it has a 30′ hose, is self-propelled and has a display inside so you know what is going on.

Marcia Lee says:

My mom had a central vac…in the home she and my dad built after my sisters and I were married & out of the house. But I did come over during the holidays and help her out. I always volunteered to do the vacuuming. I have to say the Beam Electrolux puts her system to shame. They’ve come a long way and have a lot more accessories. I love the power of this system & even though it is more powerful, I also love that it is quiet.

Ronald A. says:

Cool vacuum!

Kimberly K. says:

Very nice detailed review this vacuum system. I would love to own one, it seems that after installation, it would be very easy & convenient to use.

Arianah Watts says:

We had a central vac system in our old house and I would LOVE to have one installed in our new home! They are amazing!

Stacy says:

We used to have one of these at work! It was fantastic

Jennifer Aikens says:

I would love to have one of these units upstairs. Upstairs gets neglected because I don’t want to lug our vacuum all the way up our steep stairs.

Marcia Lee says:

My two favorite features are its power and its quietness while operating.

Anita L says:

My favorite feature is; not having to haul around a heavy vacuum! Love it!!

Jennifer says:

I love the hose, I have such a tough time lugging around a big bulky and heavy vacuum!

Stephanie F. says:

I like that this has a HEPA filter and push button controls. I noticed the Gore filter is self-cleaning so that’s always a great thing!