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Sanjay Kumar Upadhyay:  I am really impressed with Alliance model had chance to look at one of the showroom. Amazing piece of equipment.

Mair Hill:  I’m tired of wrestling with my old vacuum cleaner. Time to make my life easier with a Beam Central Vacuum.

Carol Fisher:  Not having to drag a vacuum behind you would be marvelous. I try to vacuum all the cob webs in the corners and up on the ceiling and get so frustrated when I do not have enough hose to reach as is the same when doing stairs. I had a beam central vac in one house we lived in and loved it. We do reno's and that's one of the major things I suggest to build in as I feel is a key feature when selling a property. Beam is a reliable make.♡

Ahmad Ashi:  The beauty about Beam central vacuum is that when the kids leave the normal mess, we can still vacuum in the middle of the night without waking anyone...it is a luxury that you can't live without.

Carrie LaFond Moreno:  We are on our 3rd house with our 2nd Beam Central Vac and love it! Wouldn't buy anything else. Are moving again and we will be making a 3rd Beam purchase at McHardy Vacuum in London in the next couple of months.

Karen Bailey Mullinix:  Best Vac in world.

David Rightler:  Only way to vacuum a 2 level home.

Susan Nilson:  I love my beam and I love to vacuum.

Jim-Marg Scales:  I am due to replace my central vac system and Beam sounds great to me.

Sandra R. Troche:  The kids spilled sparkles on the carpet years before we invested in our Beam system. I thought that our vacuum at the time did a thorough job....clearly not! Our Beam sucked those deep sparkles up from years ago with ease!

Hugh Paterson:  Have been in my home for almost 27 years.  Beam built-in system has maintained the rugs and floor for that entire time.